Seriously…. Are You Even Wearing Gippsland?

CEO - Payless Promotions - Payless Promotions

Thank you Hollywood for all your unforgettable red-carpet phrases, the importance of brand identity in the world of uniforms has been established. Making sure you have the right quality, comfort, fit and look is paramount to feeling great and being functional in your day to day life.

This is no different when it comes to sourcing uniforms and branded apparel for your staff, you want to ensure the apparel not only represents your brand well but also serves a functional purpose for the team wearing it. Luckily in the realm of branded apparel, the brands are available to a large network and you are not burdened with the celebrity challenges of what designer will allow you access to their line.

The question now is, where are you buying your apparel from?

We’ve set up an amazing team dedicated to outfitting all of your uniform and promotional needs right here in Gippsland and we wanted to take a moment to extend an invitation to connect. The great part of buying is that we can choose who we work with and supporting our local community is only an email or phone call away. Our team specialises in branded merchandise and will go out of their way to locate the perfect options to fit your needs (and your staff). Let us know what events you have planned, any ideas needs or wants and we’ll take it from there.

Guy Dawson

CEO - Payless Promotions - Payless Promotions

Guy is a true product of Gippsland. Born and raised in Wurruk, Guy went to school in Sale, obtained his Business Degree at Monash University - Churchill, and now lives in Traralgon. Whilst at Monash, Guy realised he had a talent for marketing and was awarded the Monash prize for 'Best Student in Promotion Management' and also won a competition for the best promotional plan for the 'Churchill Leisure Centre'.

After a stint working for Cadbury Schweppes, Guy founded Payless Promotions, Sale in the year 2000 so he could assist other businesses through his talent for marketing and promotion. For more than 20 years Guy has welcomed the opportunity to work with Gippsland businesses, building and strengthening their brand through quality uniforms and promotional products.

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