Practical Advice for New Graduates


Wondering what steps you should take to set yourself up for meaningful work in your future career? Being a new graduate can be a confusing and overwhelming time as you decide where you want to apply your newfound skills. In this article, we’re giving practical advice on keeping your options open and nurturing relationships so you can look forward to success after you graduate.

Don’t Turn Down the Help of Others

You’ve probably heard the term “networking” multiple times throughout your course, and there’s a good reason for this. It’s important to build relationships before you need them by talking with people in your chosen industry. If you’ve found employment, get to know your team leaders and other key executives.

Go to networking events and build relationships that you can turn to when you reach a hurdle in your career. Learning key communication styles will make you an easier employee to manage, and it will help you overcome difficulties due to personality clashes in the workplace.

Use Your Inexperience as an Asset

Don’t hide the things that make you who you are. A keen interest in learning and growing can be more useful to employers than extensive experience because it shows that you are malleable and resilient. When you have an idea for a different approach, share it with your team and be open to constructive criticism. You don’t have to know everything to be a leader, so put your hand up to take on a task and learn new things whenever you can.

Manage Your Personal Brand

Certain brand names invoke specific ideas and sentiments when we think of them. Your name has the potential to invoke the same feelings when others hear it. Decide how you’d like to brand yourself, whether it be your dress sense, communication style or expert status on a topic. Take the time to build your LinkedIn profile and market yourself, because you never know what opportunities are waiting around the corner.

Say “Yes” Wherever Possible

One phrase that all employers want to hear is, “I’m flexible”. Unless you have an important conflict of interests, be open to suggestions and timeframes that your team leaders suggest. As a part of a team, you want to deemphasize your personal preferences and work towards a collective whole. Your employer will be thankful for this attitude and you’ll enjoy a workspace with fewer conflicts.

Another important part of this is being relentlessly responsive to emails and requests. Let people know that you’re working on assigned tasks and give realistic timeframes for your work. This way, you’ll reduce your employer’s stress and anxiety. Also, always show up on time (or early).

Upskill Yourself Wherever Possible

There’s no harm in learning new skills and bettering your knowledge of the industry. Enrolling in short courses or online TAFE courses will help you to secure your place in the workforce, giving you valuable skills and knowledge that will make you an attractive prospect to employers. Enrol in an online course with TAFE Gippsland to get your foot in the door.

For additional support after you graduate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at TAFE Gippsland. You can call us on 1300 475 146 or make an enquiry online.

TAFE Gippsland

Education - TAFE Gippsland

As your local TAFE, we’re passionate about giving everyone in the Gippsland region the opportunity to undertake quality and reliable pre-vocational training. We have campuses throughout eastern Victoria, from Warragul to Lakes Entrance, and we offer a diverse range of programs.

Our teaching methods and learning environments are specially designed to give students the chance to get hands-on, develop real skills and gain the experience they need to transform their future.

Studying at TAFE

Whatever stage of life you’re at, TAFE Gippsland has a variety of courses to help you achieve your goals – from preapprenticeships and accredited short courses to certificates and advanced diplomas.

Our courses are developed to give you the qualifications, skills and experience you need to work within your industry of choice and thrive in the modern workplace.

Best of all, our flexible study options mean you can complete your course in a way that suits your lifestyle – whether that’s full time, part time or online. And throughout your time with TAFE, the Student Support Services Team will be there to assist you with any study challenges, issues or questions you might have.

Tailored workplace training

TAFE Gippsland offers tailored workplace training to help Gippsland businesses upskill their staff and succeed in achieving their goals. So far, we’ve partnered with community, business and government organisations, delivering training in everything from first aid and customer service to automotive and aviation.

Whether you’re a large organisation or a small local business, we can provide your team with bespoke, high-quality and cost-effective education and training – delivered on-the job, in our purpose-built facilities or online.

Helping Gippsland thrive

For 85 years, we have been helping Gippsland communities thrive by empowering local students and supporting local businesses. But our influence in the region goes beyond our programs. It extends to a wide range of social initiatives that underpin an integral part of our mission as an educational institute – to participate in the social and cultural development of Gippsland.

Through projects including our Community Cafés, Pamper Days and Community Forums – where we invite anyone to share ideas on TAFE’s role in shaping the region – we’re continually enhancing our contribution to the wider community.

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