Nobody likes Work Place Disputes

There is nothing worse than having disputes in your work place, whether they be Bullying, or Harassment allegations or just staff not getting along. It’s bad for morale, and your business profitability.

HR staff are mostly very busy people, and may not have the time or  expertise to deal with these disputes in a timely and efficient manner. It’s important to deal with these matters early, as they can develop into much bigger problems.

Peter at Phillips Workplace Investigations and Mediation Service  is here to help. East Gippsland Based, Peter is available to assist you with these issues. Whether it’s an investigation involving bad behaviour, a breach of code of conduct, a mediation session, or simply some advise, Peter is happy to help.

Sometimes staff prefer to speak with someone outside the business, rather than a member of HR for various reasons, and Peter can offer an unbiased investigation, and at the conclusion present a detailed report of findings, and provide recommendations if desired.

If mediation is appropriate, Peter will professionally conduct the session, and produce an agreement between staff that can be held on record by HR if issues persist.

Peter’s advise is to deal with any of these type of matters as early as possible, as things can quickly get out of hand, and become very costly for business, and if they can’t be handled internally, give him a call.



Peter Phillips

Workplace Investigator and Mediator - Phillips Workplace Investigations and Mediation Service

Nobody likes conflict, especially in the workplace - it can cost business dearly in lost production, sick leave, low morale and the list goes on.
It’s important to resolve workplace conflict quickly and fairly. Staff conflict or poor behavior in the workplace can quickly escalate, and even end up in court proceedings.
If you’ve got workplace conflict that’s starting to impact your business, Phillips Workplace Investigations and Mediation Service (PWI) can help.
Principle of the business, Peter Phillips, has been a manager for over 35 years, is an experienced and formally-trained investigator, and is a past Senior Sergeant of Victoria Police. He has held positions in both private companies and public service, and also has experience in facilitation.
Peter relates well to people, and is fair, with a good understanding of natural justice.
The business is Gippsland-based, with lower costs and travelling compared to Melbourne or interstate companies.
Why tie up a busy HR staff member in complex investigations, which they may not be trained for?
A mishandled investigation may end up costlier in the long term. PWI can provide you with a fair, unbiased and confidential investigation and report within an agreed timeframe, leaving your HR staff to do what they do best.
Give Peter a call on 0417 779241 to discuss your needs.
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