Navigating the new normal – how COVID-19 will change business

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The effects of Coronavirus, and the behaviour changes we’ve seen as a result, will likely change the meaning of “normal” for both businesses and their customers. As we begin to see a faint flash of light at the end of what has felt like a very long tunnel, it’s natural to ask “What next?” 

As businesses now begin to transition away from reactive states, and back into productive ones, the way in which they operate and deliver products or services may be entirely different moving forward. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our attitudes, behaviours, and experiences – as customers, employees, and humans (2). With the changes in buying behaviours of consumers, companies have been forced to move quickly. As the dust settles, businesses now have the opportunity to pivot to digital commerce to capture new marketplaces and deliver products and services to new audiences (2). 

So, what are some of the changes we’re likely to see in a post-COVID world? And what can your business do to adapt to this new landscape? 

Read on to find out more. 

Organisations will develop trust-based cultures with their employees

Michael Beer of Harvard Business School believes that the challenges of COVID-19 have created an opportunity to improve company cultures (5). After being forced to adapt to working from home policies, senior management within organisations were presented with the opportunity to either improve trust within their team, or to potentially damage it (5). As employees adapted to the demands of working from home, home schooling their children, and remaining productive in an isolated environment, their ability to succeed had a direct impact on the leadership and transparency of senior management. “When managers create an environment of physiological safety, employees feel welcomed to speak up, bring new ideas to the table, and address their concerns”, says Amy Edmondson of Harvard Business School. Organisations that can shift from top-down decision making to empowering teams to be guided by purpose, data, and technology, will create a more resilient and agile workplace (2). 

Remote working will become more strategic

“In my research, productivity has improved in remote working settings. However, the businesses which do it well place a high priority on processes for socialising, so no one team member falls through the cracks”, says Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhurt of Harvard Business School. There are some fantastic tools that are available right now which can improve team processes, productivity and communication for collaborating while working remotely. These tools include Slack, Zoom, and GSuite, and they will remain helpful for organisations long after the virus has gone (5). These tools can give employees the flexibility of working productively at home, and we may see an increase in the number of employees who wish to continue these current arrangements into the future. Companies which have the right incentives and processes in place may also see a reduction in day to day operating expenses (5). To find out more about how you can utilise GSuite’s tools in your business, read our article here.


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Copywriter - GippsTech

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