Gippsland Digital Connectivity Master Plan – Your opportunity to influence


Over the last 12 months, the Committee for Gippsland have been working in collaboration with RDV to develop a Gippsland Digital Master Plan.  To achieve the desired results we need to hear from Gippsland businesses.  By capturing businesses first-hand experiences regarding limitations and challenges Gippsland business face, will influence our regions future infrastructure investment and projects when it comes to digital connectivity and all associated services i.e. NBN, Wi-Fi, broadband etc.

Recently EY Sweeny circulated to all councils across Victoria a LGA Digital Connectivity Survey to access the issues at an LGA level.  The survey below, takes is investigating the detail at a business level across Gippsland.  This survey is not limited to industry, location or size of business.  The more information that we are able to collect across Gippsland will enable the Committee for Gippsland to identify the main limitations for businesses across the region by industry, subsectors and location.  All information will be deidentified and will remain property of C4G.

The more information businesses provided the greater the opportunity we have at identify and advocate the required solution.  Now is your opportunity to drive Gippsland’s future digital requirements, all it take is 5-10 minutes of your time:

Thank you for participating and we encourage you to circulate this among your Gippsland contacts, the Committee for Gippsland appreciates your support and input into this critical piece of work for Gippsland businesses.


Sophie Morell


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Sally-Anne Watson Kane

Thank you, this looks really interesting. A few years ago Gippsland businesses (including myself) participated in the ‘Inquiry into Telecommuting and e-Business’ conducted by the Rural and Regional Committee of the Parliament of Victoria; their final report was produced and published in 2014. Although now four years old, it might have some information that is helpful for this project.

Daley Thompson
5 years ago

Great, thanks for contributing Sally-Anne. I am sure Committee for Gippsland will be all over it!

Sally-Anne Watson Kane
Reply to  Daley Thompson

Keep us posted on the results of the survey. Cheers, Sal

Skipper Pete
5 years ago

Only made aware today of meeting held in Bairnsdale yesterday….. keen to see survey results. Thsnks.

Evelyn Schmidt
Evelyn Schmidt
5 years ago

We have major issues in Buchan for our businesses. for some reason near closing time a the pub the internet fails just when they need it to do thier banking for the night. The frustration at not being able to get anything done about it and of course if you report ANY problem you are never believed and if its not something simple just left and forgotten about.
The Bush Nursing service in our town has almost come to a stand still with problems of using everything online and connected to a larger health organisation for connected services and the technicians have no idea how to fix it. Probably because our internet is so convoluted. We even attended the Telecommunications Review in Bairnsdale whereby the Chair almost promised that this would be fixed due to the importance of the bush nursing service in our town but as impressive as his promises were and how sincere he seemed. NOTHING. I will be sending this survey out to as many businesses as possible and l hope your survey produces the answer that is so obvious…its not working and will be outdated by the time 5G takes over for rural people.

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