Enhancing customer experience through technology


In recent years, consumers have shown that they’re increasingly willing to engage with technology. Gone are the days when we would speak to customers face-to-face to make a sale. COVID-19 has accelerated the consumer shift to digital channels. When supermarkets, retail chains, and airports introduced self checkout, people either embraced it or hated it. While the immediate concern was that people were losing their jobs to machines, this wasn’t necessarily the case. Expectations of customer experiences have changed, and many consumers now prefer to use technology to communicate with businesses. 

Technology has changed customer behaviour  

As technology and social media have evolved, the way consumers interact with and buy from brands has changed, too. While customers would have previously settled for a return email or phone call within business hours, they now expect an instantaneous reply. This growing thirst for information, coupled with having service at their fingertips, has left consumers wanting to buy any hours of the day or night when it suits them. And the longer you make them wait? The more likely they are to leave. This need for instant customer service can feel exhausting to any business owner, which is why it’s time to lean in to technology, and allow it to work for you. 

The sheer volume of content and advertising thrown across people’s newsfeeds today has also caused the attention of consumers to plummet. People are now experiencing information overload, with businesses fighting for attention over every square inch of the online world. This means you must stand out and grab the attention of your audience quickly, before they begin scrolling again. 

Coupled with these new realities, expectations for great customer service has skyrocketed, too. While most customers would make a purchase regardless of their experience in the past, studies now show that 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company if they have poor service (5). Previously, buying decisions were driven by cost and popularity, but now they are determined by experience. 

How your business can benefit from technology 

If you can adjust your business to meet new consumer demands and behaviours, you will experience greater sales, and more return customers. While a reliance on technology can beg the question “Will it steal our jobs?”, the answer is no. Most technologies will only serve to help the customers further, or assist your employees to do their job more efficiently. And although there is a steep learning curve in adapting to new systems and technology, you will see a positive pay-off.

Given that consumers increasingly prefer to find and source information, and make purchases online, your business will benefit from making small technological implementations to create user friendly sites. 

The types of technologies you can implement into your business

While it may seem overwhelming, adding technology systems to your business website and processes is easier than you think. In fact, most of these implementations reduce the burden on your staff by automating repetitive or tedious tasks, which enhances their productivity. 

The days of operating a business during 9-5 are gone. Customers want to interact with you and buy from you at a time suited to them, so advancements in technology will help you to achieve this. 

Here are some of the things you can implement to achieve greater customer satisfaction:

  • Automate conversations with prospective customers using a chatbot. 
  • Real time messaging will keep your consumers engaged with your brand. 
  • Create an automated call back feature. 
  • Use video in your business. 
  • Add a self-service element to your website. 
  • Utilise omni-channel support to improve communication and customer support.


Learn more about the types of technologies you can implement into your business here. 



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