Choose the right developer for your business website: A how-to guide


When it comes to finding reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals to assist in building and designing your website, it’s important to do your research and find a developer who aligns with your values and understands your needs. The options can sometimes seem overwhelming, with hundreds of companies out there offering design, website development, and digital marketing & SEO services to small businesses. How do you figure out who to trust, and who you can work with?

There are a few things you can look for to help you find web development professionals to work on your project:


✔️Choose a website developer that takes the time to understand your business, your customers, and your sector

Your initial conversations with your developer should set the scene for what’s to come. Are they attentive? Do they understand what you want and propose a solution which best fits your needs? Are they focused on the outcomes that you want to achieve with your website? Pay attention to the questions your developer is asking, and how enthusiastic they are about your project.

✔️ Good website developers have testimonials and reviews, and you can easily access other sites they have built in order to view their work 

It’s all well and good to hear a developer talk about their previous clients and work, but do you have proof that they can deliver on what they’re promising? A developer who is happy to send you testimonials and samples of their recent work shows you that they take pride in what they have done, and the relationships they have with their clients. Without a clear understanding of their track record, you’ll have to take it on faith that they can deliver on their promises.

 ✔️ Choose website developers who are responsive, listen to your needs, and work with a “can do”attitude

Website design can be a stressful process. The last thing you want is to send off an email, or ask a question, and hear … crickets. Work with a developer who is responsive to your emails and phone calls, and who is willing to work with you if you request a change or add-on to your site without making you feel like you’re being an inconvenience.

✔️ Good website developers work to appropriate time frames 

When you give your website developer the green light, the last thing you want to do is wait to see your published site. Good things take time, however, your developer should be transparent about the project timeline. They should communicate with you if any problems or issues arise that could change the timeline for delivering your site. 

✔️ Choose website developers who will put your business needs first, instead of steering you toward a one-size-fits-all solution

Your needs should come first, so we recommend choosing a developer who works with a number of website platforms. A one-size-fits all approach won’t help you to achieve a unique result. While templated sites have their benefits, the decision to use one should be because it suits you best, not your developer. You can find out more about our two preferred platforms, WordPress and Squarespace here. Look for a developer who uses widely recognised and supported platforms and technology. Using a small, or relatively unknown platform for your website build could result in future problems, if you wish to expand on your site or have another developer assist you down the track. 


Read the rest of our guide to choosing the right developer here:


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