Case Study – Know Your Nutrition


“The team at GippsTech were so easy to work with. They truly listened to what I wanted to achieve from my website and incorporated my personality and branding into it. The end result is everything I could have hoped for. Since launching my website, incoming enquiries have doubled and I have signed on new clients!”


-Stacey Adams, founder of Know Your Nutrition 



The Project

Stacey Adams is a qualified Biochemist, Nutritional Advisor, Food Safety Specialist, and Health Coach. With 10 years of experience in the food industry, and as a working coach, she has developed a strong reputation throughout Gippsland. Most recently, Stacey pivoted her business from a part time project to full time career, so she needed a new, professional website to match. Although she already had an existing website, she came to us to refresh the content and the look and feel of the entire site. The website needed to clearly outline her services, and seamlessly integrate a consultation booking feature. Stacey also needed us to create a Members Only area, where her paying clients could go for additional information, recipes, and support. 

The Challenge

Stacey puts love and care into both her clients and her business, so she needed a website that spoke to her empathetic and kind nature. Her core clientele are mums of young children. Given that this specific audience may already feel vulnerable and unsure of how best to improve their circumstances, the website needed to highlight Stacey’s in-depth understanding of them, while providing support and positive solutions to their problems. We were also tasked with improving the site’s user experience, written content, and updating the names of Stacey’s tiered, signature services to highlight each package’s progressions.  

The Solution

We realised early on in the process that Know Your Nutrition needed the right design, and content which spoke to the very person reading it. We developed a user experience where the most important information could be found at the user’s fingertips. Creating a mobile-first design also added to the experience, making the site accessible across all devices. We knew that the success of the project relied on a full redesign of the site and its copy, to ensure it was simple to use, professional, and that information was organised and easy to find. We needed to find the balance between achieving these targets, while also adding a warm, inviting, and personal feel which nodded to the support and empathy clients would experience when working with Stacey. 


Digital Strategy, User Experience Design, Content Development, Web Development, WordPress Development


Learn more about the website project  here. 


- GippsTech

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