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“I chose GippsTech because they fit my values, and the process felt like a partnership rather than a sale, which was important to me. My website was a labour of love after over a decade of providing my services without one, so I was really emotionally invested in the project. The final result really hit the mark! The effort made by the team was consistent and considered, to get it to a place where it truly reflected our values and services. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result!”

Caitlin Grigsby, Director of Full Circle HR & Business Services


The Project

Caitlin Grigsby runs Full Circle HR, a Gippsland based HR and business services company. After more than 10 years in operation, Caitlin has grown Full Circle’s service suite to provide businesses and not-for-profit organisations with “in house” HR and business support, specialising in organisational auditing, recruitment, policy creation, bookkeeping, and payroll. She needed a website to provide information about her business and it’s services, while providing a point of contact for potential clients though an appointment booking feature.

The Challenge

Caitlin and her team specialise in an entire suite of business services. She wanted to present a professional brand to her clients and stakeholders which nodded to her skills and expertise. However, it had to be authentic and showcase their strong community involvement. She needed a completely personalised website which would stand out amongst the text-heavy and stock image-heavy websites that we see for professional business services today. The site needed to showcase the brands warmth, experience, and care they show to their clients. 

The Solution

We realised early on in the process that Full Circle needed a custom design. To achieve an individual, unique, and warm look and feel, we designed and developed a website which made the user feel as if they already knew and trusted Caitlin and her team. The user experience was well thought out, and created to present a lot of information on a broad suite of services, in a manner that was approachable and intuitive, with content to match. We had to find the right balance which nodded to the warmth, support, and experience which is felt when working with Full Circle. 


If you run a professional services firm, it’s important to have a well designed, quality website which reflects how you work with and manage your clients. Learn more by reading our full case study here. 


- GippsTech

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