4 positives of running a home-based business

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Some of the positives of being owner/operator of a home-based business are: 1) your workplace is close by, 2) you have full control over your workplace, 3) you have low operating costs, and 4) you can work flexible hours.

Your workplace is close by

If your workplace is a room in your home or property, it takes only minute to get to work each day. The only travel time or expenses you incur are when you need to travel to other locations; e.g. consult with clients in their workplaces. The time you save every day by not having to travel to or from work is time that can be spent working and earning money.

You have full control over your workplace

Because you have full control over your workplace, you can keep your workplace quiet or play background music, depending on how you work best. There are no other people working in your workplace to worry about or interrupt you when you’re in the middle of a job. If you have an intensive task to do and don’t want to be interruptions you can turn your phone off. This control over your workplace means that you have no distractions and can just get on with the job.

You have low operating costs

The operating costs of a home-based business are far lower than the those of a rented office or workplace. Electricity, heating and cooling costs less when your workplace is part of your own home. If you rent your home, you can claim the portion of your house that is your workplace as an expense, which is a tax saving. Home-based businesses don’t have the expense of travelling to and from work or eating out at lunchtime, and you tend to make your own coffee instead of going to cafes. All this adds up.

You can work flexible hours

Because your workplace is at home, your hours are extremely flexible. You can work until late at night or on weekends if you need to. You can take on more work than you could if you ran your business in a rented office in town. If you don’t have children you can work as many hours per week as you want to. If you do, you’ll need to balance your work and family commitments (an ongoing challenge for home-based business owners).

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Sally-Anne Watson Kane

Writer, editor, proofreader, owner/operator - On Time Typing

Sally-Anne Watson Kane owns and operates On Time Typing (established 2002) and Peewee Press (self-publishing business). Sally-Anne is a professional editor and full member of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) Australia, based in Moe, Gippsland. On Time Typing provides: scribing, report writing, minute-taking, transcription, copy writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, and self-publishing services across Gippsland and Australia.
Sally-Anne manages an Australian-based team of eight typists, scribes, transcriptionists, writers and editors (all subcontractors) including two typists in Gippsland as well as typists, editors and scribes in Melbourne, Central Victoria, Queensland and Northern Territory.

Sally-Anne has 20 years' experience in:
- editing and proofreading publications, websites, policies and reports.
- audio transcription (dictation, transcripts of interviews, focus groups, investigations, hearings).
- recording, transcribing, compiling and self-publishing oral histories and anthologies.
- writing articles, websites, reports and publications
- scribing and writing selection, procurement and referee reports
- providing self-publishing services to authors, businesses and organisations from handwritten manuscript through to printed book stage, including: project planning, budget, typing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, printer liaison.

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