Recent editing and self-publishing projects

We have recently completed two major editing and self-publishing projects:

We produced a memoir for our client Shirley Reynolds. This included comprehensive developmental and structural editing, copy editing, graphic design of inside pages and cover, hiring the printer and producing all aspects of this self-published book. The client wanted the book by Christmas and we managed to meet this deadline. Shirley’s book is here.

We edited a book of poetry for client Kate Erlenbusch. This included a structural and developmental edit followed by a copy edit. We also designed the inside pages of Kate’s book which Kate self-published and printed in December 2020. See Hope unfeathered.

We are currently producing three other books (all Gippsland clients). Stay posted for news of our next publications.

Note: I’ve been editing and producing self-published books for clients since 1998. For more information go to: Editing, proofreading, coaching, self-publishing.

On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading – our availability over Dec and Jan

On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading (OTTEP) will be taking a Christmas break from 24th December 2020 to 2nd January 2021. That is, we won’t be doing any actual typing, editing or writing work during that time and will not be online during that time.

During our festive break we will still be answering calls and taking bookings for January 2nd onwards. Our bookings for January are already almost full: we are editing two books (both by Gippsland authors), writing website content for a Gippsland organisation, and self-publishing services (for a Gippsland author).

However, we do have availability to take on a few small jobs during January (e.g. producing transcripts, editing short reports, or typing tasks).

If you have a large tasks (e.g. editing large reports; writing website content) do give us a ring at any time, although we will not be available to complete a large job for you until February. And if you have a book ready to be edited we would want to meet you to discuss it first, provide you with a quote, and then commence in February or March.


Since COVID, I’ve been using Zoom for editing consultations with clients

I’m a Gippsland-based editing business, but I have clients all over Australia as well as in Gippsland.

Therefore, I was already using online methods for consulting with clients prior to COVID-19: email, telephone, teleconference and, occasionally, Zoom. I also met local clients face to face whenever we needed to.

Since COVID, however, I’ve been using Zoom as my main communication tool for consulting with my clients, whether local or interstate. The reasons I now use Zoom instead of face to face meetings with local clients  are:

  1. Obviously, with COVID-19 still a risk everywhere in Australia, it is safer,
  2. Face to face, you have to wear a mask. Using Zoom, you can virtually, actually meet and see people ‘face to face’,
  3. I have discovered that a Zoom consultation is actually a more efficient and effective method than a face to face consultation, and
  4. Since last March, almost everybody has learned to use the internet and platforms such as Zoom. In fact, nowadays, most of my clients – regardless of their age – expect me to be able to communicate with them via Zoom.

Sometimes a client – whether local or not – can’t or doesn’t want to use Zoom and that’s okay. I’ve been consulting with clients via phone to edit their books for 20 years, and will continue to do so.

In our future ‘COVID-normal’ world, will my clients and I go back to face to face consultations and meetings? Or continue to meet only online? This will depend upon what my clients want and need.

Image: Pixabay Creative Commons Licence.