Startup Gippsland: Innovation in a Crisis: Erin Lord from Aeromedical Solutions

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Innovation in a Crisis: With Erin Lord from Aeromedical Solutions

Out of crisis can come opportunity; and this is something Erin Lord and Steve McLaren, co-founders of Aeromedical Solutions, are familiar with. 

Their medical repatriation brokerage was born through their passion to help and care for underinsured or uninsured travellers. 

“When people are faced with a crisis or emergency, there is a huge element of fear and concern, so a large part of our work, and our values in business, is built on the support we can give our clients and their loved ones. We like to think of ourselves as a bed-to-bed service!” 

Just recently, Erin and Steve were involved in an extraction of New Zealand residents from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Read their full story and how they have innovated and expanded their business throughout the current crisis on the Startup Gippsland blog 

Aeromedical Solutions global startup case study



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