Selling Like a Master Problem Solver with Darcy Smyth, Sales Psychology Trainer.

Selling Like a Master Problem Solver with Darcy Smyth, Sales Psychology Trainer.

About this Event

Join Darcy Smyth, the EmpowHer Leadership team plus women just like you from across East Gippsland ONLINE to delve into the topic of Sales.

Does the thought of having to pitch your services or products make your squirm?

Do you feel like you do not do yourself justice when you sell your products or services?

In our upcoming event, Darcy Smyth will teach you how to sell without being ‘salesy’ – in a way that has your buyer telling you why they need to work with you, as opposed to the squeamish awkward and opposite (we’ve all been there, and there’s got to be an easier way)!

Darcy J Smyth first fell in love with the human brain at the age of 10, when he first saw two brain cells communicate with each other on a BBC documentary. From that point on, he decided he needed to know everything there was to know about the brain, human behaviour and why we do what we do. He believes the most fascinating field in which all of this plays out is in sales and marketing – where people speak so clearly and honestly about what they really value by how they spend their time and money.

His initial creation – The Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – has been trained to thousands of business owners and sales professionals across Australia and is often references as one of the most powerful consultative selling strategies available, largely due to the prfound psychological concepts underpinning its workings.

Today, Darcy brings everything he knows about human behaviour and the buying brain together through The Sales Game – an astoundingly transformative training experience designed to help business owners and sales professionals realise the way they play games is the way they play life. It’s an event that has rapidly gained attention in some of the largest and most rapidly emerging sales organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

During his 1 hour keynote: Selling Like a Master Problem Solver, Darcy will share practical strategies to help you:

  • Understand the ‘problem solver’ approach to sales instead of the outdated ‘features and benefits’ approach.
  • Be able to read exactly what your buyers are missing on a psychological level, that’s holding them back from saying ‘yes!’
  • Know exactly how and when to close the sale with confidence
  • Charge higher prices for your services, by understanding how sales are truly made.

At the end of the presentation, you will be able to predictably and confidently close sales to every single buyer who should be buying from you and for those who aren’t the right buyer, you’ll know how to send them away in a manner that further exhibits your authority as a business owner.

This event will be presented via Zoom in two parts:

  • 1pm – 2pm – Darcy’s Keynote address with Q & A opportunity
  • 2pm – 3pm – Networking with EmpowHer leaders and community attendees: a chance to connect with other local community members and discuss your thoughts and feelings on Darcy’s presentation.
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