Lived experienced drives Co-Learning partnership

Director, Business Outcomes - Go True North

Local business consultancy organisation In2 Project Management have joined forces with Lifeline Gippsland to help local businesses understand and take action to improve mental health and wellbeing within their organisations.

In2 Project Management’s Director of Business Outcomes Neil Betts said that their business is passionate about helping other businesses to see, understand and solve their own problems.

Using their business intelligence platform, In2 Project Management will be working with Lifeline Gippsland to conduct employee mental health surveys for local businesses.

“In 2012 I had my own issues with mental health, I was at the top of my executive career (or so I thought) when depression hit me from behind.

Twelve months later after therapy, medication and support from my family and friends, I left the corporate world. I established In2 Project Management with my friend Chris Allford, and we have never looked back. That’s why I am passionate about supporting mental health issues” said Neil.

Lifeline Gippsland CEO, Michelle Possingham said ”This exciting new partnership with In2 Project Management will enhance the support we can offer to local businesses and the broader community by enabling us to interpret data to tailor supports to the individual needs of businesses.”

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