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We don’t have to tell you how hard it is out there for the Gippsland business community. What we do know is that, right now, businesses can’t afford to become complacent or conservative to the point of inaction.

GippsTech is partnering with Committee For Gippsland to deliver Business Resilience Skills Sessions. These two workshops are designed to give business owners and leaders hands-on experience with proven techniques used by the world’s largest companies to confront challenges, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions quickly.

Across these two sessions, you’ll learn how to define the challenges and opportunities around your business, generate and prioritise a range of possible actions, then test initiatives on a small scale to validate your assumptions and choose solutions for wide-scale implementation.

If you’ve ever wondered how the most successful and innovative businesses generate and identify winning ideas for new products, services, or business improvements, and manage to survive and grow even in difficult times, you can’t miss these sessions. It’s not chance, luck, or a genius CEO — it’s a set of processes and frameworks that you can learn and put into place within your business.

These workshops will consist of two sessions:

Session 1: Discovery and Ideation

Discovery sprints generate actionable information and a concrete plan to define your next steps. An introduction to methods of ideation will then teach you how to get past aimless and unfocused brainstorming sessions to generate relevant and achievable ideas to address these challenges and opportunities.

Session 2: Prototyping and Testing

You will learn how to prototype solutions that can be implemented quickly and with minimal investment of time or resources on a small scale. Prototypes allow you to test multiple ideas at once or in quick succession to see which ones best meet your needs and address your challenges.

Follow-up Resources & Coaching

After these sessions, we’ll provide all participants with a whole set of additional resources, including activity templates, recordings of the sessions to review or share with your team, and links to additional information to help you master these techniques and introduce them into your businesses.

We will also provide a follow-up coaching session to every participating business to give you tailored advice on how to put these techniques into practice within your organisation.

We’re pleased to be working in conjunction with Committee for Gippsland to provide these sessions. These workshops – valued at over $500 – are free of charge for Committee For Gippsland members, and $50 for non-members.

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