Latrobe Valley Business and Industry Capability Fund – $5,000 Grants Available

Owner/Principal Consultant - Carmel Riley Consulting

Who watched the Queens Gambit?

According to the Daily Coach[1], the Queens Gambit Series demonstrates that

“Being able to combine creativity, calculation, art and science will help anyone’s thought process”.

The article goes on to articulate 5 key lessons for business decision making that we learn from the show:

  1. Understand the difference between strategy and tactics
  2. Walk a fine line between flexibility and consistency
  3. Practice your strategy – develop confidence that will work under pressure
  4. Seek outside opinions
  5. Do not fear any opponent, believe in your talent to win

Ok… so we’re not quite sold on 5 – our 5 would be “do not let fear of your opponent stop you from taking action – draw upon courage to play your own line” (remember when Watts was training Harmon for her game with Borgov… “Play your line, never his. You play what’s best for you”)

Buying a chess board and training manual was not enough for Harmon to Master chess. It is the same in business. Downloading a business plan template and following the prompts is a great start. But it is not enough for the long game.

@carmelrileyconsulting helps business owners strengthen their understanding and application of strategy and tactics to inform meaningful business plans for the long game. This is then nurtured through individualised mentoring and accountability to translate your business strategy into practice. As a remote-first business, we can deliver these services online or face-face to meet your specific needs.

If this resonates with you, please reach out to see how we can support you to gain strategic mastery for your business!

If your business is located within the Gippsland Region – good news! The Latrobe Valley Authority currently has $5000 grants available to access professional services such as this – and there is a host of awesome business coaches and strategic advisory firms listed on the Gippsland Business Connect website for you to choose from – but hurry! These grants close Friday 16 April 2021 at 5:00pm or when the program funds are exhausted.





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