Innovation in a Crisis: With Tegan McKay from The Mindful Hub

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For Tegan McKay, provisional psychologist and founder of The Mindful Hub, she knows all too well the implication the current COVID-19 crisis can have on the wellbeing and mental health of communities, particularly those in rural settings. 

“There is a big divide in the number of psychologists in the country, compared to the city. Of what we do have, many of them are booked out weeks or months in advance, so I wanted to create a business which would ease the burden of waiting lists.

The statistics of mental health are higher in the country, and the lack of availability can be detrimental to an individual.”

The Mindful Hub provides an online psychology service to the community, with flexible appointment hours, to reduce the need to travel, leave the safe space of the home or office, and reduce the stigma relating to seeking support and assistance in mental health.

It has been an innovative business idea from the beginning, taking a traditional face to face business model and utilising it on an online platform. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Tegan has seen an increase in the demand for services provided by The Mindful Hub, and has taken steps to ensure clients have access to appointments without the waiting lists.

Read Tegan’s full story, and her advice to those who may be struggling through this time! 

*If you currently need support or assistance, Beyond Blue can be contacted on 1300 22 4636 or you can chat online with a professional via their website.


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