Innovation in a Crisis: Ryan Clancy and Kaitlyn Abrahall from Scarlet & Grace

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During this time, we have seen many businesses adapt their model, offerings and clientele in order to remain operational and in demand. Ryan and Kaitlyn, from Scarlet & Grace, have done just this; having innovated their product range to include fragranced hand sanitisers. 

“We have already pre-sold a large number of hand sanitisers to a new audience; and will be focussing our sales to doctors clinics, hospitals, trades, building companies and more. This new clientele have previously struggled to get supply, so having the opportunity to fill this need, whilst still supporting Australian, family-owned, businesses, is really important.”

While previously their focus has been on selling to wholesalers and stockists, they have made their products available to the end consumer, and the results have been astounding. As a result, they have sold more products online in the last 4 weeks than they have their last 18 months of business! 

Read Ryan and Kaitlyn’s full story, and how they have decided to pivot and innovate at this time.


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