Infection Control For Business

Infection Control Consultant - Infection Control For Business

I am an infection control consultant helping businesses get the support they need during this rapidly changing regulatory environment.

I am setting up a sensible, cost effective and scientifically sound plans for businesses around Warragul and looking at expanding my services around the region.

I am a qualified dentist for more than 10 years and have undertaken further training specific to COVID-19 in the non health care setting.

I provide:

1. An in- house service where I conduct a site assessment

2 A resource package including mandatory signage

3. A written comprehensive tailored report regarding infection control practices.

4. Follow up service

My aim is to prevent businesses from doing unnecessary costly and un-scientifically sound measures that will drive customers away. I want to ensure staff and customer safety and ultimately take the stress away around infection control.

If this is something that interests you please feel free to visit my website or get in touch

Thank you.

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