Federation University Australia – RFT 2020-12 Furniture Supplier Panel Tender

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Federation University Australia is seeking to engage a reputable, capable and experienced Furniture Supplier Panel to provide products that meet current applicable Australian standards, OHS and ergonomic requirements and specific requirements of the University. The panel will offer an approved list of goods and services as part of the Universities Furniture Catalogue via the Science Warehouse portal. This will include a preferred product list for frequent small volume purchases, and a pre-approved product list for occasional larger orders.

Interested parties wishing to post questions may only do so through the University’s eProcure Tender Portal via the following link;


Questions posed by this method will be brought to the attention of the Project Manager and their response distributed to all interested parties via the Tender Portal.

If you are having any issues with the eProcure portal itself please contact eProcure for assistance on 1800 836 337.

Unauthorised communication with University Staff or Representatives may lead to disqualification of interested party’s tender.

Scope of Works for this tender can be found on the eProcure Tender Portal as an attachment.

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