EmpowHer East Gippsland Women in Business

Have you noticed it yet?
There must be something in the water in East Gippsland, because there is an amazing number of women running their own businesses and in leadership roles who are conducting themselves with passion, determination AND a generous spirit.

Think for a sec; who do you already know like this? I bet it’s more than just a few women. Maybe you’re one of them… or maybe you have a deeply held desire to be one too. Maybe it’s women like this that you want to spend more time around…

Women who you just know are deeply passionate about what they do, genuinely care about who they serve and the results they get.

Women who are operating outside their comfort zone, asking themselves difficult questions, digging deep, being honest and growing through the discomfort – because they know that’s where success happens.

Women who are trying new things, taking challenges on the chin, learning, pivoting, getting back up and trying again.

Women who don’t sit back and rest when their goals are reached but who set new goals and climb new mountains.

Women who share ideas and resources with others without fear of competition, and choose an abundance mindset over scarcity.

Women who are generous in sharing lessons from their own hard-earned experiences, and want to help you take a short cut to avoid the mistakes they made.

Is this you? Or is this someone you want to be? Awesome. Because no matter where you’re at in your business and entrepreneurial journey, the EmpowHer Network has been created especially for you.

In 2020 we’re bringing East Gippsland women together – because you don’t have to walk your business journey alone.

📌 We want to encourage and inspire you to push past fear and go for your biggest, juiciest life goals and we’re bringing you 4 outstanding speakers to give you the knowledge & tools to have your best year yet. We’ll be tackling the topics of SELF, SECURITY, SPEAK & SALES. We’ll spend half a day each quarter together learning and uplifting each other.

📌 In between events you’ll be connected together in an exclusive closed online group where you can share ideas, ask questions and get help from others who will sing your praises and cheer for your success. Women who have walked the path before you, who are at the same point as you, or women who you can support and mentor with your own experiences.

📌 We’ll share details of the 1st event soon. But if you think this is for you, make sure you like this Facebook page. TAG all the East Gippsland women in business you know too, so they don’t miss out. SHARE this post so we can reach everyone who needs to access this resource.

📌 And we’ll introduce you to the Leadership Team behind EmpowHer soon, so keep an eye out.

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