Sally-Anne Watson Kane’s business, On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading provides scribing, writing, editing, proofreading, transcript and self-publishing services to clients across Australia.

In 2006, Sally-Anne moved from Darwin to Moe, Gippsland, to be closer to extended family, and continued working for her existing clients remotely. However, building a local presence for her business was always front of mind and she looked for ways to connect with the local business community.

“Working from home, I was pining for local content, to meet local business owners and to build a local client base, but I found it hard to win and build trust within the local business community through traditional channels such as face to face networking.”

That’s where Gippsland Business Connect has been a game changer for Sally-Anne’s business.

“I’ve been a member of the Business Connect community since the beginning and being part of the network not only helps me connect with other local business owners, it also forms an important part of my online marketing strategy.”

Listing her business on Business Connect, which is SEO-optimised, along with publishing regular content in the network, pushes her business forward in Google searches and puts it in front of many other potential clients.

“Having a strong digital presence has helped grow On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading, and a lot of my new clients have come from people searching via Google.”

“Sharing my tips or expertise isn’t just altruistic; it also feels good to share my experience and knowledge with locals. When my content appears on the platform, people know you’re a local and that helps to build trust.“

 Sally-Anne says the Articles tool is  valuable to her business, not only as an author but as a reader. 

“I like to interact with the authors and have met up with local businesses through these connections.”

“I also love getting the Business Connect digests– they are a valuable and reliable source of information for my business, from events, to grant information, to getting to learn more about the skills and expertise in our region. “

“I lead a remote team who live all across Australia, but I also have local Gippslandians working for me, as part of my Gippsland team. It feels good to know there are people with the skills I need for my business, who I can rely on and who live locally.

“You can’t rely on other online business directories, such as the White or Yellow Pages, or even council business directories, as they’re usually either out of date or the businesses aren’t local at all.”

“That’s where Business Connect is so important for me. You can trust the businesses in the network are local, that they’ve got a physical presence in Gippsland and that someone has taken the time to check that.“