Gippslandian, Kylie Johnson, took the leap and started her own business, Sadhana Consulting, in early 2018.  She saw a gap in the local market in strategic planning, governance and compliance, and with an accounting background and experience working at an executive level, Kylie built her business around her strengths and expertise.

Kylie tapped into her existing network and also established new connections through referrals, social media, posting articles on LinkedIn and networking at local events. She also created a business profile in her local Localised business network, Gippsland Business Connect.

Straight away had a line of sight of local B2B events, the skills and expertise across the region she could collaborate with, along with opportunities to grow her business.

Kylie successfully bid on a $30,000 West Gippsland Trade Training Alliance tender promoted in Gippsland Business Connect. “I had no idea about the project until I saw it in Gippsland Business Connect,” she said. “It was great to win a big project in the first 6 months of my business, but I also grew my network throughout the stakeholder engagement process of the project.

Kylie also uses Gippsland Business Connect as a marketing channel for her business, posting articles to promote her expertise, and searching the events calendar for local networking and training opportunities.

“It’s such a great tool for business, particularly for SMEs. I have made connections with so many highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals in our region, many working from home, and I would encourage larger organisations to think outside the square and post consulting projects in Gippsland Business Connect. You just never know who’s out there.”